About District Dir Upper
INTRODUCTION Upper Dir is one of the 26 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , Dir Upper is a region in northwestern Pakistan, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Before Pakistan was created, Dir was…....
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Message of Deputy Commissioner Dir Upper
It gives great pleasure to welcome you in District Dir Upper on the official website of the District Administration Dir Upper. This Online resource embodies the information not only about policies, objectives, functions, human resources, financial resources, p... View Details
Message of Additional Deputy Commissioner Dir Upper
For District Administration Dir Upper, launching of official web site is an important and excellent step towards merit and transparency. The wave of adoption of e-government technology is increasingly gaining momentum in the developing countries for improving ... View Details
Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Dc Dir Upper 0944-880394 / 0944-881130 dcdirupper@gmail.com
Additional Deputy Commissioner Dir Upper 0944-880594 / 0944-881130 dcdirupper@gmail.com
Assistant Commissioner Head Quarter Dir Upper 0944-880506 achqdirupper@gmail.com
District Officer Finance and Planning 0944-880889
Assistant Commissioner Sheringal Dir Upper 0944-885506 acsheringal@gmail.com
Assistant Commissioner Wari Dir Upper 0944-840028 acwari@gmail.com
SDO CDLD Dir Upper 0944-880844
TMA Dir 0944-880118
TMA Barawal 0944-830899
TMA Kalkot 0944-889222
TMA Wari 0944-841254
DHO Dir 0944-880516 / 0944-881075
DHO Dir 0944-880516 / 0944-881075
DPO Dir Upper 0944-880493 / 0944-880531
DEO Male Dir 0944-881400 / 0944-880411
DEO Female Dir 0944-881900
Subidar Major Dir Levies 0944-890044
VC SBBU Sheringal Dir Upper 0944-885527 / 0944-885529
XEN C&W Dir Upper 0944-880836
AD & RDD Dir Upper 0944-880950
DSO Dir Upper 0944-880019
PD NHA Dir Upper 0944-881160 / 0944-881391
District Director Agriculture Dir Upper 0944-881518
DO Water Management Dir Upper 0944-890299
DFC Dir Upper 0944-880585
XEN WAPDA Dir Upper 0944-880909 / 0944-880809
AD NADRA Dir Upper 0944-881955 / 0944-890081
DFO Dir 0944-881715
RPM SRSP Dir Upper 0944-890678 / 0944-890123
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